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Addon Features

 Our add on features will give your website even more usability to help attract more traffic to your website. If you are interested in any of our features please contact us for more information.

Social Networking Functionality

Our HungryGeeks can make you a mini social networking site of your own. By combining the Joomla! CMS with  the JomSocial extenstion it is possible to make a website with functions similar to Facebook like adding friends, user profiles, video, picture sharing and more. This feature is perfect for those who are trying to build a community website.

Twitter & Facebook Integration

Building a website is only half the battle in maintaining an effective online presence. The other half of the battle is in letting your audience know how to find you. In today's world, social media networks are quickly becoming the places with the highest concentration of people online. Our HungryGeeks offer website integration with Facebook & Twitter, two of the biggest social network sites out on the internet.

Forum Creation

Forums are a great way to build community. A Forum can give your audience a place to exchange ideas, ask questions and gather information. Over time your web Forums can even gather enough information to attract the attention of the search engines, and can help drive more traffic to your website.

Kunena is an extension for Joomla and our tool of choice for creating forums in web pages. The Kunena extension is available free of charge at for anyone that wants to use it. Or have our geeks create the forum for a small fee.

iPhone Compatibility

What you once needed to be home to do, you can now do on the go. So don't leave your website stuck at the house, make sure that your users can find your website on the go. There are templates available which are already I Phone compatible for Joomla & Wordpress. Our geeks offer to customize these templates to create a mobile version of your website quickly.

Website Maintanence

Just because your website is finished doesn't mean you can forget about it. One of the most important parts of keeping your website safe from malicous users, is making sure that the software or code it uses stays up to date and secure. Our geeks will take care of any software updates or maintenence your website may need for a fee of $15 dollars a month. 

Quickbooks Integration

We found that many of our clients, rely on Quickbooks to handle their accounting.  With T-Hub, a software package from Atandra, you can integrate your online store with your Quickbooks accounting system.  T-Hub is your complete order management solution and comes with the following features:

  • Download orders directly to Quickbooks
  • Integrate with UPS/FedEx/USPS
  • Update shipping status & tracking information