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Build Websites On Your Own

The Basics


If this is your first time building a website then there are two things you need to know about. A website needs a web host and a domain name in order to work.

Web Host

A web host is the place where all the data for your website is stored and made available to people across the internet. Think of it like the home of your website. With a web host account you will have access to control panel, or C panel, and  from there you will be able manage your website(s).

Domain Names

In order for someone to easily reach the files that make up your website, your website will need an address, also known as a domain name. Its important to note that a domain name is more than just your website's address and name. Your website's name also plays an important role in marketing, your search engine visibility and rankings. Think marketing when selecting a domain name. The more relevant your website name is to search terms that your potential clients or readers are using, the better. If you need some help in selecting a domain name or setting up your DNS and/or email, our Geeks are ready to help with all of the creative, marketing and technical issues.

Getting Started

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to build a website all on your own. With free, open source software packages like Joomla and Wordpress, you've got all the tools available to create a powerful web presence of your very own. All you will need to do is find a good web hosting provider to host your website to get started.

There are lots of good web hosting providers out there, as well as some horrid ones. We advise you to be very selective when it comes to your web host because you will essentially be placing your website in their hands. Hungrygeeks recommends Hostgator as our webhost of choice. Hostgator has a good environment set up for Joomla & Wordpress, and they provide one click installs for both, to get you up and running quickly. Also if you run into to any problems you can be sure to get in touch with Hostgator whenever you need them, they offer some of the best customer service around and provide 24/7 phone support & chat.

Keep in mind however that Hostgator can only offer limited assistance for the website building software that they have available such as Joomla, Wordpress etc. If you get stuck and need help with any Joomla or Wordpress related issues there are many resources available through out the web to help you out. Good places to start your search would be the Joomla and Wordpress websites. However, if you need help now feel free to simply give us a call and our Hungrygeeks would be glad to assist you for a small fee.

No Coding Necessary

With a variety of free open source software tools readily available at anyone's disposal. It is now becoming easier than ever to create profesional looking websites without the need of knowing any coding! All the costs are in the time it takes for you to get familiarized with the tools.

Green Webhosting

Thanks to HostGator (our hosting provider of choice), we are able to offer our clients top of the line hosting which is powered by 100% wind powered energy. 

Green Web Hosting by HostGator

Domain Name Registrars

If you are looking for a domain name registrar then there is really only one name you need to know. Go Daddy is currently the largest ICANN accredited domain registrar in the world. Their pricing is usually the best available, and with the Go Daddy support team watching your domain name's back, you can't go wrong by getting your domain from them.

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