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e-Commerce Package

Take your business to the next level and start selling online. Our E-Commerce Website Package can set you up with all the tools you need to get started: 

  • Display and sell as many products as you want.
  • Keep track of sales and store statistics.
  • Create your own coupons
  • Paypal and Credit Card compatible
  • Shipping Management

eCommerce Package Features

Complete Store Reporting

Interamind offers enhanced reporting which will allow you to keep track of all your store's activity adn statistics. With Interamind you will be able to print out CSV reports about your store's sales, inventory, customer information and anything else you want to know about your store. Click the banner below to learn more about its features.

Create Your Own Coupon Codes

We realize the importance of being able to offer any of your potential customers special offers from time to time. So we did a little researching and found another popular Coupon extension for Joomla called AWO Coupons. With it you will be able to create your own coupon codes to offer your customers a discount. You will also be able to  track a specific coupon codes usage with reporting included. You will even be able to assign your coupon codes to affiliates and show them how many times their assigned coupon code was used. 


Shipping Management

No shopping cart system is complete without a way to manage shipping. The savy online seller knows that shipping is one of the most tricky parts to running an online store. No one wants to deal with things like manually printing out shipping labels, updating orders manually, and talking with customer's that want to know where their stuff is. We find that most of our client's shipping needs can be handled by Shipworks, a shipping management software tool. We offer to install Shipworks on any shopping cart systems we deploy free of charge. *Shipworks charges a monthly fee to use their service.

Build A Store Yourself

If you're the type of person that likes to do it yourself, then you might be interested in BigCommerce. BigCommerce is one of the leading providers for giving merchants the tools needed to build an online store themselves.BigCommerce: The easiest way to sell online!
eCommerce Package
$299 This Package Includes:
  • Free Hosting For 1 Year

  • Unlimited Diskspace

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • Free Domain Name 1 Year

  • Template Design

  • Logo Design

  • 4 Pages of SEO Content

  • Free Google Voice Integration

  • Complete Store Reporting

  • Coupon Codes

  • Shipworks Installation

  • C-Panel Access

  • Access to 50+ scripts including:

  • Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Sitebuilder and more!
  • 1 Click Script Installations

  • Website Back Up Creation Tool

  • C-Panel Video Tutorials

  • 24/7 Ticketing Support System

  • Supported Languages:

  • HTML5,CSS,PHP5, Ruby on Rails,CGI, Perl, Python, SSI
  • Environment Friendly Hosting
  • Unlimited Email Accounts

  • Auto-responders

*We start off all our accounts at 1000 MB of space & bandwidth a month by default. Simply give us a call if you need more space.
Typically that should be more than enough for the average account.
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